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the product development company
designers of optics, magnetics and engineering physics;
product and instrumentation designers

Diverse design products for a wide variety of markets. You are almost certain to have used Diverse designed products or a product that depends upon our designs. For example, if you:


.. and Services

Degauss Service

Optical Instrumentation

Biotech Instruments


Demagnetize with Zeromag

overcome welding

Measure magnetism

measure things

From welding to lenses..

Vehicle lighting 

drive a car

Illumination for avionics

fly in commercial aircraft

Cycle lights 

ride a bike

Diverse design lightguides for phones, white goods, computer equipment etc.

use a light guide

Vehicle lighting 

cross the road

High speed container inspection

buy product in bottles

Ophthalmic testing

had your eyes tested

Medical and pharma instruments

treated in hospital

The design of all sorts of luminaires

light your home

we design all sorts of luminaires

leave a building
in an emergency

Resistance weld Squeeze Analyser

make cars

Particle counting

drink water

Pharma and medical testing using optics

use optics to find bio-hazards

Complex optics to do almost anything

or need special optics..

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